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LQA 2019 on 30 January 2019 in Zurich

Focusing on people: performance and competence in translation quality management

  • How do technology-induced transformations impact linguistic, operational and strategic activities in our field and how are they being dealt with?
  • How can a comprehensive understanding of the interdependencies along the translation value chain be promoted among those involved? How does quality assurance contribute to generating added value?
  • What factors are essential so that users will accept these technologies in the long term? How can these technologies be best leveraged to create dependable data and information to support decision-making and planning?

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LQA Symposium, Sept 2017, Zurich

Centralization as opportunity: holistic quality assurance in translation management

  • Which components are required for holistic management of translation quality?
  • Which approaches, methods and tools are needed to adequately address quality-relevant aspects before, during and after the translation process?
  • Which criteria do industrial language technologies have to fulfill for future-proof quality concepts?

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LQA Best Practices 2017

Holistic quality assurance in translation management: from guiding principle to controlling

  • What is the best way of integrating the QA module into one’s own translation workflow?
  • What preparatory strategic considerations are necessary in order to shape the QA processes effectively?
  • What measures need to be implemented in order to transform quality from the strategic guiding principle to a measurable variable that is anchored at all the crucial points in the translation workflow? 

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18.10.2016 – 19.10.2016

LQA Symposium, Oct 2016 Hamburg

Language in processes: quality assurance in the age of big data

  • Machine Translation and Poor Quality Costs
  • Translation Quality Clustering and Analytics
  • Terminology Management
  • Cloud Translation
  • Product Liability

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LQA Forum on Liability

Who is liable? The legal situation in the event of incorrect translations. Standard-compliant solutions.

Event on the topic “Translation risk management” with lectures and round table discussions.

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LQA Symposium, January 2016 Zurich

  • Is it possible to measure quality? Answers from theory and practice.
  • How are efficient terminology creation and validation processes developed?
  • How can TM maintenance be implemented in a practicable manner?
  • Which workflow components enable translation quality assurance?
  • Which methods allow the post-editing of machine-translated texts?

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LQA Best Practices, January 2016 Zurich

Error categories and KPIs: workshop with practical myproof® examples 

Workshop and networking event on the day before the LQA Symposium 2016 Zurich.

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02.09.2015 – 03.09.2015

LQA Symposium, September 2015 Hamburg

  • Is it possible to measure quality? Answers from theory and practice.
  • What are “poor quality costs” and how are they related to translation costs?
  • Metrics and methods: A blessing or a curse? Which metrics can be implemented and what effect do they have on Quality Assurance methods of products and processes?
  • Product Compliance: What effect do approval requirements have on the quality requirements of translations?
  • Corporate lingo vs. technical terminology: The role and tasks of terminology management.

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